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ecce deus fortior me, qui veniens dominabitur michi --dante

"It's cool to surf, but sometime's you've got to cowboy," Autumn said as she turned her head, leaving the surf shop. Ranger looked down at the surfboard on the shirt, and he drew a 45 Revolver on it.

Enjoy the classical, heroic spirit that pervades the 45SURF photography!

It's cool to surf, but sometime's you've got to cowboy.TM

From Carolina to California, from the Malibu Cayons to the beach, Dr. E has immortalized beauty in his words & photography. There's a story behind the photography and the "pictures of autumn" project, and it all begins with the last time he shot film:

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There are those photographs that forever define a place for you--that forever define that era of your life, making it seem so real that you could reach right out and touch it. But you can't.

The above picture defines the magnificent aura of the Carolina fall--it was shot in Mebane, just out side of Chapel Hill, in November. It was one of those days where a light frost dusted the morning grass under a cloudless dawn, but then warmed up into the sixties with the sun rising in the Carolina Blue sky. It was shot on film, and from left to right you see Ginger, Laura, and Roxy.

Well, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I have a million more words for that picture, some of which can be found in the novel Autumn Rangers--as Dante penned The Inferno for Beatrice, I penned Autumn Rangers for Laura.

There's this thing called beauty that graces us in this brief life, and art is a way not of capturing it so much as it is of saluting it, for as Plato knew, beauty is only ever imitated--but that deeper soul--that ungraspable phantom of life--remains free, beyond our grasp. And as all my heroes, from Homer, to Dante, to Shakespeare on down, were ever dedicated to pursuing it, I must answer that same eternal call to adventure. In the beginning there was the word, it is said, and the Hollywood Renaisance must be lead by witers. For there is a rising demand for Epics--performed not in Middle Earth nor upon the Scottish Highlands--but in our living era. The 45 Surf project is being conducted in this spirit, as we long for art--for novels, video games, books, and movies--that perform the classical ideals in the contemporary context. We will see such entities in our lifetimes.

I hope that my photography might be of some use to you, as it has been to me, in finishing two books-- The Hero's Journey in Artistic Entrepreneurship & Technology and The 45 Surf Hero's Journey Guide. For words and pictures have ever made great company--as the semblance seeks exaltation from the soul, and the soul seeks inspiration from the semblance. And a big thanks goes out to all the wonderful models for 45 Surf & Pictures of Autumn, for sharing infinite beauty.

The rising generation is longing for a renaissance--for The Man with No Name--to ride again, and starting with few pictures and words, the spirit for tomorrow's books, movies, and video games is formed.

Enjoy the photography [45 Surf Gallery], [Pictures of Autumn Gallery], & [45 Surf Gallery2].

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It's cool to surf, but sometimes you've got to cowboy.TM

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